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About Mushpatch

The Mushpatch is a patch of artwork that often rots and festers mushrooms. Anyone who passes by is free to poke and prod at will.



Name: Dana

Contact: [ e-mail | DevART | pixiv | tumblr ]

Traditional Medium:
ink, watercolor, pastel, acrylic, colored pencil, marker
Digital Tools:
Intuos4 WACOM tablet, Adobe Photoshop CS4, Manga Studio 5.0, Adobe After Effects CS4

I just want to draw comics.
There's not much else to say.

The Mascot

Joseph Nathan

Name: Joseph Nathan
DOB: April 15
Occupation: multiple part-time jobs OR unemployed

Hobbies: working, gathering mushrooms, traveling, exploring
Likes: meeting new people, food, comfortable clothes, fresh air, nature

Family: (unnamed parents), Eric (older brother), Jocelyn (twin sister)

Joe won't tell you where he came from. He either ran away from home, got lost on a trip, or something of that sort. For some reason, since he was nine, he has lived on his own. Though his family searched and found him, they can't get him to and stay in one place. He doesn't go home often but he built a house, hidden somewhere on the outskirts of the city, and he can be found working every part-time job in existence.

Joe is a happy guy who speaks his mind. He's completely honest but a bit untactful. He hardly takes anything seriously and is always positive, despite his struggles. He extremely optimistic to the point that he annoys some people, but somehow he was able to make a few close friends.

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